View and Download Siemens HIPATH operating instructions manual online . Communication Server Version HIPATH IP Phone pdf manual. Manuals and User Guides for Siemens HiPath We have 28 Siemens HiPath manuals available for free PDF download: Operation Manual. View and Download Siemens HiPath user manual online. Gigaset S4 professional on HiPath Cordless Enterprise. HiPath Handsets pdf manual.

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    Hipath 4000 Manual Pdf

    View and Download Siemens HiPath operation manual online. HiPath IP Phone pdf manual download. Also for: Openstage tion with the HiPath Communication Server, Version and Hicom E/ H, all You can find this user manual in the Internet in PDF format under. Siemens HiPath Service manuals and system description guides. Hipath Siemens phone system manuals.

    Page 3: Overview of unit parts Overview of unit parts 1 14 2 3 15 5 4 6 7 8 16 9 10 17 11 Page 5: Quick reference guide Quick reference guide Performing a direct call: Press the direct call key. Activating or deactivating the mobile telephone: a I Quick reference guide III Operating instructions Page 8 Preparing for registration Page 9 Resetting the defaults Page 10 Entering text All functions that Page 12 Environmental conditions For safety information, see the back cover.

    Gigaset sl2 professional in hipath cordless enterprise pages.

    Optipoint application module optipoint display module pages. Siemens telephone operating instructions optipoint pages. Siemens telephones user guide telephone hipath , hicom e, hicom h pages.

    Page 2: Important Information Never open the telephone or a key module. Should you en- counter any problems, contact the responsible service per- sonnel. Use only original Siemens accessories. Page 3: The optimum speakerphone distance is 50 cm. Page 4: Page 5 Contents Redialing a number last dialed number Page 6 Busy override - joining a call in progress Page 7 Contents Using Other Functions Page 8: Please contact your Siemens sales partner for information on how to upgrade.

    This user guide is intended to help you familiarize yourself with OpenStage and all of its functions. It contains important information on the safe and proper operation of your OpenStage phone. Page 9: It can also be used as a workstation device. Any other use is regarded as unauthorized.

    Telephone type The identification details exact product designation and serial number of your telephone can be found on the nameplate on the underside of the Page OpenStage 20 user interface 1 You can make and receive calls as normal using the handset.

    Saved number redial last number dialed page Button for fixed call forwarding with red LED key page With this control, you can administer most of the functions featured on your OpenStage phone as well as the displays. Operation Functions when key is pressed Press the Idle mode If there are no calls taking place or settings being made, your OpenStage 20 is in idle mode. Time Mailbox Getting to Know Your OpenStage Phone Mailbox Depending on the type and configuration of your communication platform contact your service personnel , you can use the mailbox key to access messages from services such as HiPath Xpressions, etc.

    Also, callbacks are managed in the mailbox. Both voice and fax messages can be stored in the mailbox if so config- ured. This also applies for external calls via ISDN exchanges. This fea- ture saves you from having to make repeated attempts to reach the user.

    Call Log Getting to Know Your OpenStage Phone Call log Calls to your phone and numbers dialed from your phone are recorded chronologically in the call log, sorted, and divided into the following lists: You can also use the idle menu to access the Service menu page The menu structure comprises several levels. The first line in this structure shows the menu currently selected while the second line shows an option from this menu.

    Answering calls An incoming call will cancel any ongoing telepho- ne setting operations. You are conducting a call via the handset. Hold down the key and replace the handset. Then re- lease the key and proceed with your call. Set the call volume. Internal calls: Enter the phone number. External calls: Enter the external code and the station number. The connection is set up as soon as your input in com- plete.

    Press the key shown. The key lights up. Speakerphone mode. Lift the handset. Last number redial? Confirm the option shown. The connection to the first party is placed on hold. You are conducting a call. Transferring A Call Making Calls — Basic Functions Step by step Transferring a call If your call partner wishes to speak to one of your col- leagues, you can transfer the call. Transferring with announcement Consultation?

    Select and confirm. Announce the call partner. Call forwarding can be configured on any phone in the ONS group and will then apply to all pho- nes in that ONS group.

    Displays Making Calls — Basic Functions Step by step Displays In idle mode page 14 , the following signals remind you that call forwarding is activated: Confirm, when the phone number is complete.

    Fixed call forwarding is saved and activated. Activating fixed call forwarding Prerequisite: A fixed call forwarding destination must be saved page The LED key lights up. Open the idle menu. Variable Call Forwarding all Calls Making Calls — Basic Functions Step by step Variable call forwarding all calls In the case of variable call forwarding, programming a forwarding destination activates call forwarding for all calls. If call forwarding is deactivated, the forwarding destination is deleted at the same time.

    Configuring and activating variable call forwarding Open the idle menu.

    Callback on busy is only signaled on the busy phone, not in the whole ONS group. You have saved callbacks page Display callbacks?

    Siemens HiPath 4000 Operation Manual

    The newest entry is displayed first. Next callback? Select the displayed function and press the "OK" dialog key to display additional entries. Save number? Saving any phone number Prerequisite: Your phone is in idle mode page Configure Telephone Making Calls — Basic Functions Step by step Configure telephone Adjusting the ring volume Press one of the keys in idle mode page 14 or during a call. Ringer volume?

    Raise or lower the volume. Keep pressing the key until the desired volume is set. Pressing one of the keys in idle mode page Making Calls - Convenience Functions Making Calls — Convenience Functions Step by step Making Calls — Convenience Functions Answering calls Accepting a specific call You hear another telephone ring and recognize the num- ber, or a colleague requests that you pick up calls for a specific phone.


    Using The Speakerphone Making Calls — Convenience Functions Step by step Using the speakerphone A colleague addresses you directly over the speaker with a speaker call. Speakerphone mode and open lis- tening are automatically activated. Answering via speakerphone mode is immediately pos- sible. Lift the handset and answer the call. Making Calls Making Calls — Convenience Functions Step by step Making calls Using the call log Information on the features of the call log as well as a display example for an entry is provided on page If your belongs to an ONS group parallel call page 70 , please note the following: A call log is maintained for all phones in an ONS group.

    Using Speed Dialing Making Calls — Convenience Functions Step by step Using speed dialing Speed dial numbers may contain command or access code sequences and may be linked to other speed dial numbers page You know the central speed dial numbers page In addition to an alert tone on the busy phone, the second call is signaled with a ring tone on the other phones in the ONS group.

    You are conducting a call and the "Second call" function is activated. The caller hears the same ring tone as if they were free. Page 31 Ending a call a or k Press the on-hook key or place the mobile telephone in the charging shell Page Number redial Number redial z Use the "Redial" display key to open the number redial list.

    The last five phone numbers Page 35 Off Dial this function to cancel automatic redial, or press any key. Note: The automatic redial function deactivates automatically in Call up a prefix number Page 39 [ Save the anniversary.

    Delete You can use this display key to delete the anniversary. Dialling with the telephone Page Settings Settings Overview The following overview shows the functions for setting the mobile telephone. G On or message status or Page 42 Setting the sound setting functions Finding and Please proceed as shown in the overview on page 30 to find Page 43 Menu You can set a different ringer volume for a specific length of time in Time C.

    Siemens HiPath Manuals

    The ringer is deactivated Page 46 Selecting a base Select Base If your mobile telephone is registered at multiple bases, then you can set a Page Enhanced functions Enhanced functions Telephone system functions Overview The following overview shows the service functions which can be ac- cessed from Page 48 Using the service codes The following table shows the service functions which you can exe- cute via your mobile Please proceed Page 51 Using the mailbox If you set up fixed call forwarding to the mailbox, you can then play back and Page 53 Performing the code functions The following table shows code functions which you can execute by entering the standard codes displayed Page 55 Please proceed as shown in the overview on page 44 to configure and deactivate the room monitor function.

    A call Page 56 Activating and deactivating Please proceed as shown in the overview on page 44 to activate and deactivate walkie-talkie mode Page 58 Functions Set Appoints.

    You can arrange for your mobile telephone to remind you of an ap- pointment. Only one Page Switching functions Switching functions Ringing status Overview The following overview shows the switching functions which can be accessed in ringing status Page 60 Call status Overview The following overview shows the switching functions which can be accessed in call status.

    Call status Page 61 Functions Please proceed as shown in the overview on page 50 to use one of these functions. Setting up Page Entering text Entering text Character table This character table is the internal character table of the mobile tele- phone. It shows Page 64 Key utilisation To enter a character, press the appropriate key the relevant number of times or until the character Page Appendix Appendix Troubleshooting Some malfunctions can be resolved without outside intervention.

    The following table provides a list of such malfunctions. Page 68 Accessories Charging shell The SKX charging shell is used for charging the battery and storing the mobile telephone safely

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